Q-switched Alexandrite

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Candela’s new AlexTriVantage™ laser with proprietary “Laser Pumped Laser” technology raises the bar for tattoo removal lasers to new heights with its unparalleled versatility and advanced delivery system. Previously removing multi-colored tattoos meant using multiple lasers. The Q-switched Alexandrite laser builds upon its proven performance of the 755nm Q-switched AlexLAZR® with the addition of 1064nm and 532nm Q-switched laser wavelengths to dramatically expand our ability to treat tattoos of all colors.

The new configuration not only allows for effective removal of tattoos, but also offers a long-pulse 755nm wavelength. The unit’s slightly longer pulse duration, in comparison to other Q-switched laser devices, is gentler on skin and safely and comfortably advanced technology to remove tattoos more fully and with minimal discomfort and complications.

While past lasers created hot spots, this technology is more precise, delivering more uniform energy with a higher quality beam. The end result is no bleeding, tissue splatter, or scarring.