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Milwaukee Laser Tattoo Removal is part of The Clinic of Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgeons Mark Blake, M.D. and  Roger Mixter, M.D.. As a leading Plastic and Laser Surgeons in the Milwaukee area for over 30 years they have assembled the best laser technology in the region to assure that the full spectrum of colors in tattoos can be treated assuring a complete removal of unwanted tattoos when treatments are completed.

Each of these lasers emits a specific wavelength of light which targets specific tattoo colors for removal. The availability of multiple specific-wavelength tattoo removal lasers greatly increases our success in the treatment of complex multi-colored tattoos with far fewer treatments than weaker ‘all in one’ tattoo lasers. We also offer combination Erbium Laser / Q-Switch Laser treatment for tattoos which are unresponsive to traditional laser treatment. This alternative treatment is highly effective in removal of tattoos resistant to traditional laser treatment.

Dr. Mixter is the Founder & Director of Lose The Tattoos Foundation and a portion of all fees goes to the non-profit Foundation to help gang members remove gang markings. Dr. Mixter states, “Gang Members only stay in a gang for less than one year…the stigma of the permanent tattoos branded on their hands, breasts, faces, arms label them for life.”